Portland wedding photography by Jen Hecht

Portland Wedding Photographer | Jen Hecht

Jen Hecht, Luminous Studios Lead Photographer

(Photo of Jen Hecht, courtesy of Jen Downer)

[ things I believe in ]

living your dream.
don’t let your passion be stifled by time or age or imagined limitations.  leap.

mindulness. the mundane details of life are heartbreakingly beautiful.  pay attention to them.  this life?  it only happens once.  awaken to it.

documenting yourself. you are beautiful just the way you are, and you are changing every day.  it’s a beautiful process. it’s worth capturing.

falling in love with yourself a little. photographs have a magic power:  when they show you in your best, most beautiful light, they can help you awaken to your own inner and outer beauty.

documenting your loves. what do you love?  whether it’s your partner, your little ones, your house, your dog, or something else (your yellow kite collection? the motorcycle you rebuilt in your garage?  a batch of your mom’s peanut butter cookies?)… capture them.  no two moments are the same.  save some of life’s richness for later, when the details have seeped away.

[ things I love ]

weddings. there is nothing more beautiful and sacred and wild and funny and amazing as this ceremony and celebration between two people.

happiness. i am what i want to be when i grow up.

pictures. i love capturing what i see, hungrily catching unseen glances and meaningful moments.  it brings me unparalleled joy.

people. i adore the intensity, serenity, playfulness, romance, and all the other many moods and personalities of the people i have photographed on their wedding days.

making other people cry. in a good way.  like when they see their pictures, and i’ve managed to capture their day in such a way that all the beautiful emotion of the day comes flooding back.  teary clients are the best.

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