Portland wedding photography by Jen Hecht

About Jen Hecht

I’m a Portland wedding photographer who packs a suitcase in a heartbeat for destination events, especially California and Kauai weddings!

I believe in…

  • Laughing until a vein pops out on your forehead (see photo by Rachel Hadiashar, right).
  • Living your dream.  Don’t let your passion be stifled by time or age or imagined limitations.  LEAP.
  • Mindulness and seeing the beauty in things.  The mundane details of life are so beautiful if you have eyes to really see them.
  • Documenting yourself.  You are beautiful just the way you are, and you are changing every day.  It’s a beautiful process.  It’s worth capturing.
  • Documenting your loves.  What do you love?  Whether it’s your partner, your little ones, your house, your dog, your yellow kite collection, the motorcycle you rebuilt in your garage, or a batch of your mom’s peanut butter cookies, capture them.  No two moments are the same.  Bottle some of life’s rich moments so you can relive them later.
  • Photographing people.  I love seeing and capturing your wry smiles, your welling eyes, your pleased smirks, your nervous way of twisting your arms in front of you, your sudden laughter.  I eat it all up.


  • I’m based in Portland, Oregon, but happily pack a bag for the right assignment.  Let’s talk.
  • As a gay wedding photographer, LGBTQ couples tend to find me.  I love when that happens.