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A Little Family Session | Portland Wedding Photographer

This portrait session was so. much. fun.

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Unveiling Luminous Gift Certificates | Portland Wedding Photographer

I’m so excited to be creating these wonderful gift certificates for clients this year. I’m delivering the first few of these over the next two days, so tonight was the night to put some finishing touches on them (with the phenomenal design help of the always amazing Jen Woffinden).

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2 Things I Adore | Portland Wedding Photographer

I’m one of those lucky girls who have totally incredible people for a brother and sister. Jeremy and Caroline aren’t just the boy and girl who shared my childhood with me — they’ve grown up and evolved into beautiful, funny, creative, smart, kind people and I feel lucky just to know them, let alone be their big sister.

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Jen WoffindenDecember 10, 2010 - 2:56 am

These are such great shots! I love the photos, the subject matter, and the location. Beautiful.

shanDecember 10, 2010 - 4:25 pm

love these! that top one is just perfect. hi Jeremy!

On a Cold & Windy Morning in Portland, Oregon…

It’s a cold and windy morning in Portland right now, and I’m curled up in warm clothes with a cup of hot coffee and my laptop. My brother is visiting from the Bay Area this weekend, but he’s enjoying “a good lie-in” as my British relatives would say (or he’s sleeping in, as the Americans among us would say). So I was just taking advantage of the peaceful house and working on sending off some print orders for holiday gifts this year, and I wanted to say hi to all of you out there who are probably getting similar tasks done whenever you can these days.

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